Detailed guide to naturist beaches

These are our favourite beaches. The distance from the villa, the GPS coordinates for parking and the character of the beaches are given before the main reviews.

Caneiros, near Ferragudo

8 km                                                                                                 

37.105685°N 8.513195°W

High golden cliffs completely surround this little beach.

Parking is possible, but limited so we enjoy cycling here. There is an excellent restaurant (not cheap) by the main beach (Rei das Praias). You may be lucky enough to bump into a football manager who is from the area (the Special One……). The naturist section is to the west of the main beach and called Praia do Torrado although the name is not widely used.

A warning – access to the naturist section is tidal. There is an offshore rock which looks like a submarine when the water is low but when only the conning tower visible access may not be possible round the short rocky headland, especially when there are waves.

Not for the faint-hearted there is another mode of access – a 10-metre rope descent from the cliff top. The rope is fixed at the top – check its condition before using at your own risk.

At low tide be prepared for non-naturists to wander by to have a look at this beautiful small beach surrounded on three sides by golden cliffs. In high season you may feel uncomfortable here with the textiles, though.

Time the tide right and in low/mid season you could spend the day here and see almost nobody and well worth it. No facilities on the nude beach itself so be prepared.

Praia Grande, near Amarção de Pêra

20 km                                                                                                  

37.09064°N 8.336388°W

Long beach backed by low dunes

Due to its close proximity this is our usual “go to” beach as we can drive there so quickly. From the car park there is a boardwalk that brings you to the western end of the textile beach. There is a kiosk selling drinks and ice cream here. Then head westwards round a little headland and you will encounter naturists immediately for the next few hundred metres. Most people are naked and it is a happy mixture of gays and hetero couples with some meerkats in the dunes. Many textiles walk the length of this attractive beach with no big issues. The skyline is only spoilt by the high rise concrete jungle of the buildings of Amarção de Pêra in the distance.

A walk of about 1km to the west brings you to the textile area. Just back from the beach is a decent beach bar/restaurant (Bar Carlos).

Praia do Zavial, near Raposeira

60 km                                                                                                        

37.048034°N 8.872385°W

Small naturist section close to dramatic cliffs

Getting here takes about an hour. We are never sure if there is any time difference between the A22 motorway (toll) and the old N125 road so we usually go there on one and return on the other. In Raposeira take the road south by the traffic lights. Usually plenty of parking although in high season the walk may be a little longer.

There is a good beach bar/restaurant (Restaurante Zavial) here. In low/mid-season it may close on certain days so check first if you want to eat here to avoid disappointment. It is a surfers’ beach by the restaurant (west end). Walk eastwards and the very end is the naturist section. We have seen this beach shrink over the years because of rock falls but with caution it is possible to reach the cave at the very easterly end of this stunning beach at low tide.  

Praia das Furnas, near Figueira

56 km                                                                                                     

37.056852°N 8.855105°W

Picturesque sandy beach

This little beauty is just east of Zavial with no facilities at all. The road there is a little rough at the end by the car park but we are happy taking a hire car there. You will need to look at Google to work out the route which basically leaves the N125 at Figueira. Almost everybody is nude here – if not, nobody cares anyway.

For the energetic – there is an alternative plan. Go to Zavial first. Eat and sunbathe there before a naked clifftop hike over the headland to Furnas! On a hot day the sea breeze is so welcome. The distance is about 3km each way. The ascent from Zavial is relatively easy and gradual. Once on to the headland it’s a case of finding the right track. The descent down to Furnas requires the use of all four limbs.

Praia do Beliche, near Sagres

71 km                      

37.026786°N 8.962926°W

Big beach with dramatic cliffs and scenery

This is very close to what was once the very end of the known world, near Sagres. The parking is just by the roadside on top of the cliffs (about 43 metres above sea level) with a couple of restaurants nearby. There are steps down to the beach. Occasionally there is a small beach bar open at the bottom but this is variable. There are no services on the beach itself. The naturist bit is to the west and a little bit tidal.

Praia da Cordoama, near Vila do Bispo

65 km                                                                                                     

37.108889°N 8.935821°W

Away-from-it-all feel, long beach with dramatic cliffs.

To get here you have to drive through Vila do Bispo and look out for the “praias” sign. There is a fork in the road with the textile Praia do Castelajo to the left so take the fork to the right. The road becomes a track but wide enough with a decent surface. In high season cars park up the approach road with a bit of a walk down to the beach. There is a decent beach bar here too. It’s a surfers’ beach with many staying here in their campervans.

The beach is long and stunning and the naturist bit is to the right (north west) as you look at the sea and backed by dramatic black/grey cliffs. A great place for stunning sunsets.

Praia das Adegas, near Odeceixe

76 km                                                                                                        

37.437762°N 8.798571°W

Big sandy cove.

This probably is the furthest you would want to travel on a day trip. This beach is at the very limit of the Algarve in the Aljezur area and the village to head to is Odeceixe. Beware, the streets are quite narrow here. The naturist beach is about 3km to the south of the main textile beach,  No facilities here and access to the beach is via a set of steps 200 metres long.

If you want any further advice about these and other beaches – just ask.